wee! or, ‘don’t look, debbie’

how do you fit two sweaters in one small bathroom sink, and block them both on one blocking board?

tiny sweaters, of course!  my sister(in-law) is having twin boys in september, and i intend to go overboard.  these will be my very first nephews(i don’t have any nieces, either), and i am a very happy aunt-to-be.


the yarn is used is CJ Kopec’s ‘Delight’, a gift from the lovely Cecily MacDonald.  i used the Baby Sophisticate pattern as a jumping off point for style inspiration, but these are definitely not made by the pattern.  my kind neighbor, proud owner of a one year old, loaned me a small sweater to measure, and i went from there.  if my only failing in life is not knowing children’s clothing sizes, i think i’m doing ok.

here’s a wee detail shot, because why the hell not.



  1. Karen T says:

    Those are darling. And congratulations on the nephews!

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